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Manages the OC Watersheds and OC Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures programs, which protect public health and safety, promote environmental quality, certify consumer weights and measures, and sustain business competitiveness through education, regulation and collaborative regional programs.

Core Services

Woman testing ocean water


waves Countywide Compliance

Protects and improves water quality in local water bodies and beaches, while facilitating countywide compliance with state and federal stormwater runoff regulations.

group_work OC Watershed Management Areas (North & South Regions)

Coordinates watershed management efforts with stakeholders and facilitates large-scale integrated water resource projects. Collects, manages and assesses water quality, hydrologic and meteorological data on the state of the Orange County environment.

Person checking planters

Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures

grass Agricultural Services

Prevents invasive pests and certifies the safety of plant shipments arriving in Orange County.

pest_control Pest Management

Enforces pesticide use regulation and conducts pesticide-related illness investigations and integrated pest management activities.

calculate Weights and Measures

Inspects and certifies commercial weighing measuring devices and investigates complaints.